Application Procedure

  • Erasmus+ student mobility for traineeships
  • Programme CEEPUS*
  • Exchange within an interstate agreement (BILATERAL)*
  • Exchange within an inter-university agreement
  • Exchange within Erasmus Mundus
  • FREE-MOVER exchange students
  • OTHER STUDENT MOBILITY (for exchange mobility within other mobility schemes not mentioned above)

*For details please also consult the section below concerning CEEPUS exchange and Exchange within interstate agreement (BILATERAL SCHOLARSHIPS)

Foreign students who wish to study at the University of Primorska as a regular student must visit the Admission Office site.


In order to apply for exchange mobility at our university you need to submit the application form. First, you must register via the online application tool available at the web link:

After registration, you will be further guided within the application tool to complete the application procedure and upload the necessary documents.

THE DEADLINE for the submission of the online application is June 15th for the first semester or full academic year and November 15th for the second semester.


CEEPUS exchange and Exchange within interstate agreement (BILATERAL SCHOLARSHIPS)

CEEPUS is an acronym for "Central European Exchange Program for University Studies". Current member countries are: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia. Prishtina/Kosovo is also participating.

CEEPUS is based on “networks”; a “network” is established when a minimum of 3 universities connect and establish a specific “network”. There are 2 types of students: Mobility (in the “network”) and Freemovers (outside “networks”).

CEEPUS supports scholarships to individuals within an approved network of major higher education institutions from different participating countries, which then exchange students and professors.

Application Procedure

The application is online at CEEPUS. For details and specifications relevant to your nationality, consult your national agency via the link found under the national flag at this web page. You can find the list of all eligible higher education institutions in Slovenia on the web page of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

For more information regarding the application procedure, residence permits, health insurance, and accommodation within the CEEPUS exchange programme, please visit the web site of the Slovene national agency CMEPIUS:

You must apply online within the set deadline via CEEPUS. Additionally, you should submit the online application form to the University of Primorska.


Bilateral Scholarships for Incoming Students

The Slovenian Government announces a limited number of scholarships for exchange of foreign students annually. These scholarships are based on the signed agreement on cooperation in the field of education between the Slovenian Government and the foreign government.

Application Procedure

For an application, please check the web page of the Slovene national agency CMEPIUS:, where more information regarding the application procedure, residence permit, health insurance, accommodation are also available.

You must apply within the set deadline to the Bilateral Scholarships exchange scheme and also submit the online application form to the University of Primorska.


Free-Mover Exchange Students

Free-mover students are students of foreign universities who wish to study as exchange students at the University of Primorska outside the existing mobility programs.

Faculties charge students expenses related to their exchange in accordance with their current price lists.

The duration of exchange period of the free-mover student is a maximum of two semesters. For prolongation, the approval of the faculty is obligatory.

Free-mover students shall pay all travel, accommodation and other expenses related to their stay in the Republic of Slovenia during their exchange period.