We will soon be able to say: "Welcome to the University of Primorska, Welcome to Slovenia and Welcome to Slovenian coast!"

If you are wondering where you are moving to, how will the things look like and if there is anyone to support you, we can just say: "DON'T WORRY. WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED!"

What you can do, is come to Koper, Izola or Piran a few days before the semester starts and we'll show you around the area, you'll be able to meet professors, researchers, fellow students and arrange the necessary paperwork. It's what we call ORIENTATION DAYS.

WHEN: 27 September - 1 October

WHO FOR: New international students (both degree-seeking and mobile)

ORGANISERS: University of Primorska, all faculties, Students Organisation of the University of Primorska, Erasmus Student Network Primorska

ANYTHING SPECIAL? Yes, bring local snacks, food and/or drinks for the country fair on Thursday!



Having questions?

Contact us at:


Faculty contacts:

Faculty of Humanities

Ms. Valentina Bertok


Faculty of Management

Ms. Marisol Pribac


Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

Ms. Tina Franca


Faculty of Education

Ms. Marijana Pregarac


Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica

Ms. Milica Tokalić


Faculty of Health Sciences

Ms. Andreja Brecelj