About Research at UP


National research programmes and projects are carried out within the national research and development programme, the Research and Innovation Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia 2011-2020 (RISS). Professional, developmental, and executive tasks relating to the implementation of the Strategy are undertaken by the Slovenian Research Agency ( SRA - ARRS).

The research activity of UP in national research programmes and projects, financed by ARRS, has risen sharply since the establishment of the university in 2003, beginning with 18.19 FTE (Full time equivalent) and reaching 65.87 FTE in 2008. By 2014 UP had 162 researchers involved in projects for a total of 114.84 FTE.    

Basic research activity is conducted within UP's Research Institutes.  

UP Faculty of Humanities

Institute for Intercultural Studies UP FHŠ

UP Faculty of Management

Management Research Institute

UP Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

Research group UP FAMNIT

UP Faculty of Education

Institute of Educational Sciences

UP Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica


UP Faculty of Health Sciences

Research group UP FVZ

UP Andrej Marušič Institute

Research group UP IAM