Department for Science, Research, Development and Art


The Department for Science, Research, Development and Art carries out activities associated with scientific research work of the University and its members in the areas of national and international research and development programmes and projects, in collaboration with industry. The Department is actively involved in the preparation of strategic and other documents in the field of research. It also reviews and analyses university scientific research and suggests possible improvements, provides professional support in the field of research, and promotes scientific research.



Science, Research and Development Office


Martina Hočevar
T: +386 5 611 75 22

Vesna Grahovac, PhD
T: +386 5 611 75 60

Projects Office


Kristina Maršič
Head of the Office
T: +386 5 611 76 69

Marta Alberti
T: +386 5 611 75 41


Arts Office

Mag. Maja Bratuš Vidmar
Head of the Office
T: +386 5 611 76 34