Call for enrolment


The enrolment application for studying at public and private higher education institutions in Slovenia (faculties, professional colleges, academies) must be submitted online via the web portal eVŠ for all undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes. Filling in the enrolment application is carried out in several steps. Once a candidate successfully submits the electronic enrolment application, he receives at the email address indicated in the application a PDF document of the completed enrolment application.


Common provisions of the Call for enrolment into undergraduate and second-cycle integrated master's degree study programmes in 2019/2020 Academic Year: University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor, University of Primorska and University of Nova Gorica and independent higher education institutions carrying out study programmes under a concesion (pdf)


  1. Application deadlines for Slovene citizens and citizens of the Member States of the European Union and other foreign citizens who have permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia and who themselves or their parents are residents of the Republic of Slovenia for tax purposes, persons who have been granted international protection, and applicants for international protection (pdf)
  2. Application deadlines for foreign citizens from countries that are not member States of the European Union and Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship (pdf)
  3. List of study programmes delivered in ENGLISH for the 2019/2020 academic year (xlsx)
  4. Parallel studies and graduates enrolling in undergraduate studies - enrolment in the first year of the study programme (pdf)
  5. The procedure for recognition of education for the purpose of continuing education in the Republic of Slovenia for candidates holding a foreign certificate (pdf)
  6. Evidence of fulfilment of the enrolment conditions (pdf)
  7. Rules for evaluating foreign secondary education certificates (pdf)


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The application for enrolment can be submitted electronically on the government web portal eVŠ. The candidate must generate a username and password.

Each candidate can submit only one application.

After completing the application electronically, the candidate must print and sign the application. Candidates must send the signed application with the required enclosures by registered mail to the following address:

Admissions Office of the University of Primorska
Titov trg 4
6000 Koper

Further help in completing the application can be found on the following pages:


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