The purpose of the tutor system at UP is to create conditions for:

    • organized care for the development of each individual student, from enrollment in the study program until the completion of studies
    • strengthening direct contacts between students and teachers and between students, teachers, and UP as a whole
    • more successful integration of students into the university environment
    • solving general and specific problems of students, especially students with special needs
    • improvement of academic success, better student transitions, and a higher quality of education

    On the basis of Article 38 of the Statute of the University of Primorska, the Senate of the University of Primorska adopted the Rules on the tutor system at the University of Primorska, which regulate the organization and operation of the tutor system at the University of Primorska. The following forms are attached to the rulebook:

    • student tutor report
    • teacher’s tutor report
    • model certificate for tutor coordinator at the faculty and university level

    More information on tutoring in specific faculties and members of UP can be found on their individual websites (UP FHŠ , UP FM,  UP FAMNIT,  UP PEFUP FTŠ Turistica , UP FVZ ).   

    At UP level, the UP Tutor Committee (KT UP) operates Its most important tasks are 

    • organizing training and education of tutors
    • preparing an annual report on tutorial activities at UP
    • preparing a strategy for the development of tutoring at UP

    KT UP gives the UP Senate proposals and initiatives related to the organization and operation of the tutorial system at UP. The list of members of the commission is published on the UP website.

    INTRODUCTORY TRAINING FOR TUTORS  is organized every year, usually at the beginning of the academic year.

    For further materials for tutors, and information on training, see here.


    More information: 
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